Video Display Solutions

With our Video Display service, you can bring your events live to your viewers at any location. All viewers who are not able to attend the event in person can experience the event live at the remote location in all its grandeur without actually being at the event.

We can provide video display service simultaneously at multiple off-site and remote locations for any viewership size - small, medium or large - to watch your event live. We can show your event at our certified digital media partners or at other locations of your choice.
Our certified partners include auditoriums, movie theatres and multiplexes, hotels, outdoor and indoor event grounds across several cities and towns in India and are certified using our rigorous certification process. They use the best of the audio and video equipment (such as large high definition LCD TVs, DLP projectors) that is compatible with the digital projection needed for displaying high definition video streaming.

Some examples of where this service can be used include:
Weddings: If some of your friends and relatives cannot travel to the wedding location, we can go to them and display the wedding.

Corporate Events: If you have multiple branches, we can go to them and display the event.

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