Our Technology

Lotus Stream's proprietary video streaming technology (both software and hardware) allows you to stream high definition, movie-quality, wide-format, rich smooth video to all three media devices - computer, TV or mobile phone - simultaneously, and at very affordable prices.

Our technology and globally located high end video streaming servers (see graph below) allow your viewers to experience your live events and on-demand videos with the simplicity and awe like never before anywhere, anytime, on any device of their choice.

We have deployed the latest technologies in video streaming (adaptive streaming, dynamic streaming and Microsoft's Silverlight Smooth Streaming), high end video encoders, and video streaming servers across the globe with a single minded goal to allow you and your viewers experience the ultimate in high definition video streaming.

Video will be broadcast simultaneously (in the case of live broadcast) and made available (for video on demand) in multiple bitrates and formats (low, medium, high and highest qualities for desktop viewing; and in multiple formats for watching on several mobile phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and other phones), so your viewers can select appropriate video quality and format depending on the available bandwidth and their device choice.

So, whether your audience is just a few users (connections) or several thousand users, or whether they are at a single location in India or spread across the world, or whether they are at a fixed location or on the move, our superior technology coupled with high-end video streaming servers located across the globe can scale up to the viewership size (i.e., number of simultaneous connections) and can auto-route to the nearest geographically located servers minimizing the transmission delay and buffering, and can broadcast the video and audio seamlessly and flawlessly at the highest industry standards possible, allowing your viewers that ultimate experience of watching your event live in high definition from anywhere anytime and on any device.

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