Live Broadcast

You can broadcast all your events live over the internet in high definition, movie-like quality from any location within the cities we operate. Your friends and family, or your organization can watch video stream live or on-demand anytime and from anywhere in the world an on any device, their computer, mobile phone or TV. Our friendly and highly skilled staff coupled with our superior technology will make sure your event will be a sweet and memorable one, one to remember for a long time not only by those who are present live at your event but also by those who are not.

Your Event
We can broadcast all types of events, whether they are they are social events like weddings and birthday parties, or entertainment events, or corporate and business events. Click here for complete list of event types.

Live Broadcast Service
When you decide to do live broadcast, our friendly and experienced staff from Lotus Stream's "Live Broadcast Service" will work with you to know more about your event and will go to the event location about one week before the event day, and assess the requirements.

There is no need for you to provide any infrastructure. On the day of the event, our staff will arrive at the event location about two hours prior to the start of the event, and will bring and set up everything including internet connection, computers and other video encoding (processing) hardware necessary to broadcast the event live. All we need is electric outlets to plug in our equipment.

We will also save and upload the video to our servers within two to four hours after the event is completed for optional on-demand viewing later by your viewers from anywhere in the world and at any time.

Contact us to broadcast your event live.

Our Technology
Video will be broadcast in multiple bitrates (FAQ) and formats (low, medium, high and highest qualities for desktop viewing; and in multiple formats for watching on several mobile phones including iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung and other phones), so your viewers can select appropriate video quality and format depending on the available bandwidth and their device choice.

So, whether your audience is just a few users (connections) or several thousand users, or whether they are at a single location in India or spread across the world, or whether they are at a fixed location or on the move, our superior technology coupled with high-end video streaming servers located across the globe can scale up to the viewership size (i.e., number of simultaneous connections) and can auto-route to the nearest geographically located servers minimizing the transmission delay and buffering, and can broadcast the video and audio seamlessly and flawlessly at the highest industry standards possible, allowing your viewers that ultimate experience of watching your event live from anywhere anytime and on any device.

Click here to know more about our technology and global video streaming servers.

Lotus Stream Portal
Your viwers can watch your live event by logging into Lotus Stream Portal with a secure video ID and password that we will setup prior to the event. You can send login details to your viewers or we can forward to them if needed.

Video Display Service
If you need, we can also provide video display service at multiple off-site and remote locations for small, medium and large viewership to watch your event live. We can show your event at our certified digital media partners (including auditoriums, movie theatres and multiplexes, hotels, outdoor and indoor event grounds) or at other locations selected by you.

Click here to know more about our Video Display Service.

We offer both videography and video broadcast as a complete package or we can work with your preferred videographers and do just video broadcast. If you choose us to do your videography along with video broadcast, you can rest assured because our audio/video staff are the best in the business with advanced degrees and training in multimedia technology. We offer a wide range of audio/video and multimedia options including multiple high-end and high-definition cameras, multiple displays using LCD projectors and LCD monitors, multi-track audio setup etc. to suit your budget and to make your event an outright success and memorable.

Click here to contact our preferred videographers directly.

Our Partners
We have partnered with several top event managers, wedding malls, function halls, jewellers, corporate houses, hotels, high end boutiques etc. Many of our partners provide discounts on video broadcasting charges, and several of them also sponsor the entire cost of broadcasting your event if you agree to display their logo and ad on your video page within Lotus Stream portal.

You can contact them directly to know more about our video broadcasting service, available discount and sponsorship packages, and to manage your event in general. And what's more, when you contact them, you will also get discounts on their own products and services.

Click here to view our partners list.

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