What Is Lotus Stream
India’s first and only complete high definition,
movie-quality video streaming service.
Lotus Stream provides highly customized highend video streaming service to individuals, businesses and corporations who care for their video quality and the viewing experience of their own viewers and customers.

Our proprietary video streaming techniques (both software and hardware) allow you to stream high definition, movie-quality, wide-format, rich smooth video to all three media devices - computer, TV or mobile phone - simultaneously, at very affordable prices. Our technology and globally located high end video streaming servers allow your viewers to experience your live events and videos with the simplicity and awe like never before anywhere, anytime, on any device of their choice

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Now you can
Live Broadcast
Broad cast your events live, whether they are social events like weddings or business events
Video On Demand
If you already have video from your events, upload for on-demand viewing anytime and anywhere

Watch On Any Device
Our technology allows you to watch your video anywhere, anytime on any device - computer, TV or mobile

We offer three core services:
Live Broadcasting: Offers complete online event broadcasting services for various market segments including social and cultural, business and corporate, education, healthcare, sports, media and entertainment, government and political, and religious events.

Enterprise Solutions: Offers complete turn key solutions for business and corporate video streaming requirements including content publication, distribution, video advertisement, marketing and monetization.

Video Surveillance: Offers video surveillance services for small, medium and large businesses and organizations.

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